FRIEND - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Friend?

Friend provides its members a remote friendship with a hand-selected Friend to hangout with. Members get-together with their Friend over video, phone, and chat.

Why did you build it?

Finding quality friendships is actually really difficult. Consequently, many of us feel lonely, isolated, and unknown. It doesn’t need to be this way! We believe that everyone deserves a friend. We are here to help give that to everyone who wants it.

How does it work?

What is a Get-Together?

A Get-Together is any conversation the member and the Friend share over video, voice, or text. A Get-Together can span any length of time, though it typically is 15-30 minutes. A member and Friend can have as many Get-Togethers as they want, provided the member has available time to apply to it.

How do I schedule a Get-Together?

Like real friendships, both the member and the Friend have busy lives. Using messaging, the member and their friend find a mutually good time their Get-Togethers. Immediate Get-Togethers are not guaranteed; it will depend on the Friend’s availability - like real life. You can cancel a Get-Together anytime. To be respectful of your Friend’s time, any cancellations within 2 hours of the Get-Together’s start time uses 20 minutes of membership time.

What does membership to Friend cost?

Monthly membership is $59. It includes 2 hours of time to hangout with your Friend over video or voice. Each text reply from a Friend counts as 1 minute. You can add additional 2-hour blocks of time to their subscription whenever you want for. Cancel anytime.

How do you match me with my Friend?

Everyone at Friend has been hand-selected for their awesomeness; seriously, all of them are wonderful. Your matched Friend is based on the preferences you select when you join. While we do our best, we cannot guarantee that your Friend meets every preference you’ve selected.

How often should I talk to my Friend?

You're welcome to talk to your Friend as often as you'd like.

Can I have multiple Friends?

Absolutely. You can have as many Friends as you want. Simply email us at and we’ll connect you to an additional Friend. The subscription works the same; you simply use your time as you’d like among your Friends.

Can I switch Friends?

Absolutely! While we work hard to match you with the ideal Friend, you can always switch and Get-Together with another Friend. Simply email us at and we’ll connect you to a new Friend.

What can I talk to my Friend about?

Basically whatever you want. Hopes, dreams, gossip, fears, sports, Game of Thrones reruns, crushes, family drama, fart jokes - the list is long.

That said, let’s be real. Like any real friendship, we don’t support anything that resembles harassment or romantic requests. There’s better places for that kind of stuff; not here. Conversations like these are grounds for terminating memberships.

Are the conversations kept confidential?

Yes. Your Friend is your secret-keeper. The only legal exception is if a Friend believes that the member is an immediate and/or credible threat to him/herself or others.

What's your cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime. Any remaining time you have left on your account remains as credit for whenever you want to return.

When am I charged?

You're charged once per month for your continued membership, approximately on the date you signed up. If you add additional time during the month, you will be charged the date that you add the time.

I had a bad Get-Together. Can I get time refunded?

Of course. If you ever feel unsatisfied please send us an email to and we'll try to fix the situation ASAP.

Can I meet my Friend in-person?

No. There are legal liability reasons this is not possible. But even more, part of what makes this Friendship special is distance from a member’s existing social networks.

Can my Friend and I take our friendship off-network?

No. Again, there are legal liability reasons this is not possible. But even more, part of what makes this Friendship special is distance from a member’s existing social networks.